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The Sun Viking is Your Choice for Daytona Beach Hotels on the Beach
There is plenty to do right here at the Sun Viking. For those who want to explore, venture north or south to find some hidden gems along the coast.  Located in a gorgeous coastal city known for having "the world's most famous beach," the Sun Viking is one of the top hotels in Daytona Beach on the beach. It's a perfect ocean-front destination for every family looking for sun and fun.  With rooms just steps to the sand and salt water off the Atlantic Coast, a family day at the beach is always a great option. Of course, it's so much easier when you're staying on the beach. Imagine waking to the sound of waves crashing into the sand just outside your balcony, your alarm clock replaced by the call of seagulls reminding you it's time to embrace the day.

Feel the cool, coarse sand between your toes, a warm, gentle breeze encircling your body, the sound of laughter somewhere in the distance. As the sun rises, filling the day with warm, comforting shades of orange and red, you have to chuckle just a little as you fight a mild urge to pinch yourself. You're not dreaming. A look back behind you reminds you that you're at one of the hotels in Daytona Beach located right on the beach. Out of the corner of your eyes you see a blur. Watch your little child's eyes light up as she sees a crab dart into its hole. That's where he lives…

Or watch him smile and splash as he toes into the ocean for the first time, the cool water coaxing goosebumps on his arms, the waves gently crashing on his legs, reminding him of the power of the ocean. He looks to you, as if to say "well, whaddya think." It's Ok, I'm right here…

It doesn't take imagination to recreate this priceless image. It all starts with a quick and easy reservation. Daytona Beach hotels on the beach bring the ocean to you. You'll find all of the ingredients you'll need to create memories for a lifetime. At theSun Viking guests have access to more than 23 miles of beautiful, sandy beaches.

In fact, Daytona is one of the few remaining places with beaches on which you can drive motor vehicles. The southern tip of Daytona near Ponce Inlet begins with a white, crystalline sand that gradually blends into a colorful, coarse mix of thick sand and seashells, glimmering with beautiful oranges, yellows and reds.

Some parts of the coast lead to hotels on the beach. Others are more undisturbed and preserve the natural landscape:
Plants, flowers, banks, curves, turtles, crabs and more. The options are limited only by the imagination, although most who visit swim, surf, parasail, snorkel, tan, and, of course, build sandcastles. A visit to Ponce Inlet on the southern tip creates additional options for lighthouse tours, ocean charters, and food and entertainment.  In the middle, a family will find the old town Main Street, Boardwalk and Ocean Walk Village. Head north for the more traditional, undisturbed beaches and the "Birthplace of Speed," also known as Ormond Beach.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with staying at the beach right here at the Sun Viking. In fact, it's ready-to-go beach activities, poolside games and barbeque grills for cookouts make some families never need to venture out while they are here.  Find out why more and more families every year select the Sun Viking as their top pick of Daytona Beach hotels on the beach.


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